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Cognitive Bias Cards Generator

Generation of playing cards for learning cognitive biases.

Sparse Grids for Big Data: Exploiting Parsimony for Large-Scale Learning

My doctoral research conducted under advisement of Prof. Hans-Joachim Bungartz and Prof. Markus Hegland.

Abstract: High-dimensional data analysis becomes ubiquitous. Here, nonparametric models, i.e. sparse grid models, suffer exponential growth of complexity in high dimensions. To delay the onset of this curse, this thesis develops the learning algorithms that simultaneously optimise the model parameters and the structure to befit the problem. The new methods increase the range of feasible classification and regression problems, decreasing the training time and the memory footprint of the resulting models.

Signal phase and Timing Prediction for Intelligent Transportation Systems

My Master's Thesis project I conducted at Siemens Corporate Research center under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Javier Esparza and under the advisement of Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Runkler and Dr. Justinian Rosca.

Tree Clustering

In the scope of my interdisciplinary project I implemented the system for the clustering of tree data-structures using k-means and k-medoids algorithms.